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Rentals Requirements

The Modern Music Rental Company has been providing customers with an easy way to get the gear that you need immediately and at a fair rate since 1982. We make it very easy for you to rent equipment - it generally takes a few minutes to get your rental contract filled out we'll soon have you out the door with the gear you need.

- Every Rental Customer Must Fill Out A Complete Rental Contract.

- Provide a Valid Illinois Drivers License for Modern Music to make a copy of.

- Provide a Credit Card in the same name as the Drivers License.

- We accept Cash or Credit for rentals.

- Must Pay the rental fee at the time of the rental and pay a $20.00 deposit.

- By filling out and signing a rental contract, you are personally responsible for the rented equipment regardless of who the equipment is for, whether it be a business, school, club, etc...

- Modern Music reserves the right to refuse or reject any Rental Application without reason.

- Rental fees do not include loading or unloading of equipment.