Brand: Apex

SKU: Apex180

The Apex180 'pencil' microphone is one of the most versatile small condenser microphones available, and is an essential addition to any artists' microphone toolkit. This single microphone outfit is really is two microphones in one. The Apex180 is shipped with two separate interchangeable microphone heads, one a cardioid capsule and the other an omnidirectional capsule.

The cardioid capsule is ideal for live sound reinforcement applications and recording applications where wide dynamic range and good off-axis rejection is required. The Omnidirectional capsule can be used where in the studio or for live recording where off-axis rejection isn't an issue, and the engineer wants to limit proximity effect or needs a wider non-directional pickup pattern.

The Apex180 comes with a mic stand clip, however the optional IMC-9 shockmount cradle may be the preferred solution for isolating the capsule when using the microphone for most delicate recording or live sound reinforcement applications.

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