Brand: Hagstrom

SKU: E-26

Hagstrom Hag-Bags Model E-26 Gig Bag

Hagbags are designed specifically to snuggly fit all Hagstrom models. A unique B-Wave assembly incorporated into the lower body section provides superior protection and the Hagbag is lighter and less bulky than conventional gig bags.

Exterior Features:

  • Tear-Resistant Cordura coating
  • Reinforced throughout with Structural B wave material
  • Rigid ergonomic handle
  • Two large accessory pouches
  • Removable shoulder straps with adequate padding
  • Soft padded back for comfort when wearing back pack style

Interior Features:

  • Soft padding
  • Additional bottom and headstock protectors
  • Wide neck support with Velcro fastener for perfect neck security; additional accessory compartment. The neck support can be removed and used for adjustments on a workbench; etc.

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