Brand: Traynor


The Traynor DHX212 is made from a solid plywood cabinet construction, a unique angled baffle that tilts the two Celestion 12-inch Greenback drivers inward to boost low frequency response while taming the high end. This cabinet also features 2 removable back panels allowing the user to choose between open and closed back operation make the Traynor DHX212 cabinet is the ideal companion for the new Iron Horse head.


  • 50-watt, 8 ohm Guitar Extension Cabinet
  • 2 x 12-inch Celestion Greenback Speakers
  • Unique Angled Horn baffle Design (Softens sometimes harsh top end while boosting overall low frequency response)
  • Can be Oriented Horizontally or Vertically (Vertical orientation, angles one speaker up at player for a brighter tone and better on-stage monitoring)
  • Two Removable Back Panels for Open/Closed Back Operation
  • Solid Plywood Cabinet Construction
  • Made in Canada
  • Dimensions (DWH, inches): 12.5 x 30.75 x 18.5
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