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Hammond M3 Tonewheel Organ - Baby B3!

Product Overview

This organ is in very good condition, and runs like a top! She is well oiled and ready to go. This Chicago built beast is affectionately known as the Baby B3, as it share a very similar tonewheel and drawbar system as her big sisters, the B3 and C3. This is a Spinet organ, featuring a built in tube amp, with a single 12" alnico speaker. The M3 has been featured on may recordings often mistaken for the B3 - most famously many Stax recordings, including Green Onions. The M3 is a favorite of musicians looking for that classic Hammond sound, but don't have 5 grand to drop on a B3 or C3. It is also a favorite of studios due to its compact size compared to the larger console organs. The organ features two 44 note manuals, with 8 drawbars for each. There is a single octave of bass pedals, with a single drawbar. There is percussion for the upper manual, and built in vibrato/vibrato chorus which can get you close to a leslie feel. This organ is in great cosmetic shape for its age. There are a few marks, but out of the many M3's we've had come through our shop, this is one of the cleanest. All tubes test well and function. The old powercord has been replaced. Includes music stand and bench.

Local Pickup Only - Lisle, IL (Western Suburb of Chicago)