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Vintage Hammond M-143 Tube Tonewheel Organ - Baby B3!

Product Overview

Vintage Hammond M-143 Tube Tonewheel Organ - Baby B3! She is well oiled and ready to go!. This Chicago built beast shares a very similar tonewheel and drawbar system as her big sisters, the B3 and C3. The M-100 line of organs replaced the earlier M3 (baby B3), and had quite a few upgrades. The M100s upgrades include presets, more vibrato options, expanded pedals, reverb, and a more powerful amplifier. It is a Spinet organ, featuring a built in tube amp with a two 12" alnico speakers for the main amp, and an 8" speaker for the seperate reverb amp. Hammond spinet organs were particularity popular in Europe, making their way onto many recordings. M100's have been heard most notably on Procol Harum's Whiter Shades of Pale, Led Zeppelin's first two albums, Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii, and on Deep Purple's Hush. The M-143 is a favorite of musicians looking for that classic Hammond sound, but don't have 10 grand to drop on a B3 or C3. It is also a favorite of smaller studios due to its compact size and lesser cost compared to the larger console organs like the B3 or C3. This organ features two 44 note manuals: 8 drawbars for the lower, and 9 for the upper, and a 13 note pedal bass with a single drawbar. There is percussion for the upper manual, and built in vibrato/vibrato chorus on both manuals - which can get you fairly close to that Leslie feel. Unlike many M100's you'll see, this one is not missing the music stand or bench. Overall this organ is in very good condition and runs great. Come by and play this beast - you'll fall in love!

Everything is fully functional. Tubes are vintage, however they all funtion test well. All drawbars and tabs work as they should. Power cable has been replaced.

Local Pickup only
Lisle IL - Chicago western suburb