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Vintage Button Accordion w/Case

Product Overview

We are unsure of the brand or year. I had another button accordion in here not long ago that was a Hohner, and looked very similar to this one. It may be a Hohner but I cannot say for sure. It came in with some music that was pre 1920. So I would guess the accordion is from sometime between 1910 and 1930. Again I cannot say with certainty.

This is a 2 key diatonic button accordion, playing in C and G. All the right hand buttons function, and sound pretty good to my ear. One of the left hand buttons is a little rattly, but the rest sound good to me. The bellows are a little leaky, but defiantly not too bad for its age. This accordion would make a great decoration, fun for at home playing, or as a good candidate for a restoration. Also included is a case, and a some concertina music we acquired with the accordion.

As-is, no returns